About Us

At first, we set out to solve our own problem by re-inventing the curbside mailbox. Once we were ready to share what we created, we then attended countless trades shows and public events to understand what everyone thought, and if they really wanted this nice of a mailbox. It was during this period that we discovered, that not everyone has the same home delivery requirements. Today we make a variety of models that not only make home deliveries and returns easy, they provide a safe buffer of space between the courier and the customer. Whether you live curbside or countryside, we create more than aspirational mail and parcel safes, at MB Sentinel we create home delivery experiences that are made to last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft each mailbox and parcel safe so well, that everyone that sees one, will aspire to have one.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our Mailbox and Box Sentinel parcel safes so well regarded for their utility and safety, that we become a standard feature from curbside to countryside.

Our Causes

A portion of each sale goes to Wellspring International to offer continued support that impacts the lives of women and children in need around the world.