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As people shop online more often, more criminals have taken to stealing packages that are left out by front doors. These “porch pirates,” as they’re often called, will take advantage of opportunities where they arise—namely, whenever they see a parcel they can grab easily Beyond packages, identity thieves are known to target personal mail for information that they can steal. These are typically crimes of opportunity, so preventing those opportunities should be a very important part of your home security approach. Keep up with our mail security blog for the various ways you can keep your mail safely in your own hands. Have anything you’d like us to address in our mail security blog? Contact us to let us know!

By Jeff | October 01, 2020

So you’ve decided to install a locking mailbox at your home to keep your parcels and deliveries safe—it’s a smart move. So-called package pirates are as active as ever, meaning your valuable (and sometimes priceless) deliveries are at risk for theft.

By Jeff | September 24, 2020

We all receive packages and are grateful to be able to have the items we want and need shipped to our homes from anywhere in the world in a matter of days. Unfortunately, technology has not quite kept up with the rapidly increasing rate of home deliveries. We can track a package every step of the way on its journey across the world, but once it’s out for delivery, we typically only know that it’ll arrive sometime that day.

By Jeff | September 16, 2020

It happens all the time, especially around the holidays: “porch pirates” cruise around neighborhoods in search of packages left on front steps by UPS, FedEx, or USPS. These thieves then take the packages without even knowing what’s in them. It could be a book you’ve been waiting to read, or a priceless photo album from a relative—either way, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back.

By Jeff | September 16, 2020

Life is better with a locking mailbox. There’s no need to worry about someone going through your mail or stealing your packages—all of your valuable deliveries are safe and sound within a locked box, just waiting for you to retrieve them whenever it’s convenient. There’s no more rushing home to grab an important delivery, or arranging to have an item shipped somewhere else for safe keeping, adding another errand to your list.

By Jeff | September 15, 2020

The 2020 election season is upon us, and it promises to look very, very different than what we’re used to. Election security is a prominent topic, and whether the majority of votes are cast via mail or in physical polling places, keeping every citizen’s vote secure is of the utmost importance.

By Jeff | September 05, 2020

In today’s world of online shopping, having everything shipped right to your door can be a wonderful convenience. However, it’s also led to the rise of new kinds of theft: criminals who prowl neighborhoods in search of packages left unattended on doorsteps, hoping to snag something that they can resell for a profit. And if they can’t?

By Jeff | September 02, 2020

As more people shop online, more opportunistic criminals have taken to poaching packages from people’s front steps. There are many ways to combat parcel theft: security cameras, having your packages shipped to retail locations, making sure you’re home on days when packages are due to arrive, or investing in a large package drop box.