Enhancing Package Security: Why Security Cameras Aren't Enough

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As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so does the issue of package theft. Security cameras and doorbell cameras have been widely adopted as a means of monitoring and deterring potential thieves. However, relying solely on these surveillance tools is not enough to ensure the safety of your delivered packages. In this blog, we will discuss the limitations of security cameras and propose an innovative solution: the use of through wall drop boxes for packages to be securely delivered into specific areas of the home, such as an Amazon closet or the garage.

The Limitations of Security Cameras

While security cameras and Ring, Nest, or other doorbell cameras have become a standard in many households, they do have their limitations. Here are a few reasons why they may not provide foolproof package protection:

  • Deterrence, not prevention: Security cameras can be an effective deterrent for potential thieves. However, determined thieves may still attempt to steal packages, especially if they believe they can do it discreetly and avoid detection.
  • Limited visibility: The placement of security cameras might not always cover all angles of your property, leaving blind spots where thieves can operate undetected.
  • Nighttime vulnerability: Even with night vision capabilities, some cameras may struggle to capture clear footage during low-light conditions, making nighttime thefts more likely.
  • Unidentified culprits: Despite capturing footage of package thefts, identifying the culprits can be challenging, as many thieves wear masks or other disguises.
  • Delayed response: Even if a theft is recorded, by the time you are alerted and able to take action, the thief might have already made off with your package.

Introducing the Solution

To address these limitations and provide an additional layer of security for delivered packages, we propose the use of through wall drop boxes or secure delivery receptacles. Here's how it works:

  • Secure delivery location: 
    • Homeowners can install a through wall drop box or designated secure delivery location in an accessible area for the delivery companies, such as an Amazon closet, the garage, etc.
  • Carrier access
    • The functioning of a large package drop box for your home is remarkably simple and user-friendly. Here's how it generally works:
      • Step 1: At Check out - When you place an order online, you provide the shipping address of your home along with your unique through wall drop box access code. You can also catalog your code with UPS and FedEx!.
      • Step 2: At Delivery - When it is time for delivery, your carrier will see your unique access code printed on the package with your address. 
  • Package safety: 
    • Once the package is placed inside the through wall drop box and closed, it remains safe until the homeowner retrieves it. This minimizes the risk of package theft and ensures secure delivery.

Benefits of the through wall drop box Solution

By implementing through wall drop boxes as an additional security measure for package deliveries, homeowners can enjoy several benefits:

  • Enhanced security: through wall drop boxes provide a physical barrier that deters theft attempts. The added protection reduces the likelihood of packages being stolen from your doorstep.
  • Convenience and peace of mind: Homeowners no longer need to worry about missing deliveries or constantly monitoring security or doorbell cameras. The through wall drop box solution ensures safe package storage until you are ready to retrieve it.
  • Accountability: By providing unique access codes or keys to carriers, any incidents of package mishandling can be traced back to the responsible party, ensuring accountability in the delivery process.
  • Protection from weather elements: through wall drop boxes offer protection from rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, safeguarding your packages from potential damage.

Features of MB Sentinel’s Through Wall Drop Box

The through wall drop box is more than just an ordinary mailbox; it's a state-of-the-art solution to ensure the safety of your packages. This innovative safe boasts the following features:

  • Spacious Design and Smooth Operation:
    • The safe's 14 x 28-inch wall opening and roller bottom door allow packages to move through walls with ease. This design not only accommodates most common-sized boxes but also facilitates a seamless delivery process. Carriers can effortlessly slide packages into the safe, ensuring secure storage until the homeowner retrieves them.
  • Energy Efficiency with K-Flex Insulated Door:
    • The K-Flex 2-inch insulated door plays a dual role in maintaining heating and cooling efficiencies. Not only does it keep your packages safe, but it also helps regulate the temperature inside the home, contributing to energy conservation and reduced utility costs.
  • Robust Security with Electronic Keypad Controller:
    • Security is paramount when it comes to protecting your deliveries. The through wall drop box comes equipped with a 4-6 digit keypad controller that effectively unlocks the door. Homeowners can enter the unique access code, open the door, and place packages inside with ease. This sophisticated locking mechanism ensures that only authorized individuals can access the safe.
  • Top-Quality Stainless Steel Electronic Rotary Latch:
    • To reinforce security and durability, the safe is equipped with a top-quality stainless steel electronic rotary latch. This latch guarantees that the door remains securely closed until opened with the correct access code, preventing any unauthorized access attempts.


Community Developers' Preferred Choice

The through wall drop box has gained significant popularity, particularly among community developers, for several reasons:

  1. Aesthetics: The sleek and unobtrusive design of the through wall drop box seamlessly integrates with the architecture of modern homes, making it a preferred choice for community development projects.
  2. Enhanced Security: Community developers prioritize the safety and satisfaction of their residents. By incorporating these secure mailboxes into their properties, they can offer an additional layer of protection against package theft, enhancing the overall appeal of their communities.
  3. Convenience and Peace of Mind: Residents within community developments enjoy the convenience of receiving packages worry-free. The through wall drop box ensures that deliveries are securely stored until they can be collected, giving homeowners peace of mind.



In an age where doorstep deliveries have become the norm, package security is a pressing concern. While security cameras have their place in deterring theft, they may not be enough on their own. The Box Gobbler 1428 offers a comprehensive and innovative solution, providing homeowners with a secure mailbox that manages their delivered packages with ease. With features such as a spacious design, energy efficiency, electronic keypad controller, and a top-quality rotary latch, it's no wonder this safe has become the top choice, particularly among community developers. Embrace the future of package security with the through wall drop box, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it brings to your doorstep.

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