St. Jude Dream Home in Vancouver, WA

Our Causes

For the Wellbeing of Every Family—Every Child



MB Sentinel champions more than protecting your home and property. We believe it’s the family inside your home who truly matters.

We believe every house should be a happy house, where a family’s health and wellbeing are put first. That’s why we are proud and excited to partner with the St. Jude Dream Home® Project.

St. Judes Dream Home - Marnella Homes

In 2020, we sponsored our first Dream Home in Vancouver, Washington at the request of Dream Home Builder, Tony Marnella.

In 2022 we were approved to sponsor 30 more Dream Homes, which wouldn’t have happened without our MB Sentinel customers. Our St. Jude partnership is possible because of people like you supporting our company and purchasing our products.

We’re grateful that you’re a part of the MB Sentinel community. Thank you for helping us help more families with St. Jude.