Gated Entrance Ideas

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The entrance to your home serves many purposes. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your residence, so it serves as a welcome mat of sorts. It’s a place to show off your sense of style and design to those who may never set foot in your home. It can also be a level of security and privacy for your home, should you choose to have a fence or gate installed.

A gated entrance at your driveway is a unique way to welcome people to your home and add to your house’s curb appeal. But there are so many gated entrance ideas out there—how do you decide what to do with yours? You’ll want your gate to be a point of pride at your home, so it’s worth putting a lot of thought into. Depending on your budget, there are very few limits as to what you can do with stone, wood, metal, or some combination of them. Be sure you consult your neighborhood association or local building codes to determine what’s allowed and what sort of permits you might need to make your gated entrance ideas come to life.

Consider what you want your gated entrance to look like—browsing the internet can help you come up with ideas, though your local builder can likely make any dream come true. Is your house an architectural marvel? Design a gated entrance that aligns with its aesthetic appeal to give passersby a sneak peek at what the rest of the home looks like. Is your house painted your favorite color? Choose a color-matched or complementary-colored gated entrance to enhance the effect.

How your gated entrance functions is just as important—-maybe more so—-than how it looks. Consider how the gate will function: do you want it to provide an actual sense of security? Or is it simply there as ornamentation? There are all sorts of features and functionality that you can build into a front gate and fence to provide utility and peace of mind.

One gated entrance feature you should strongly consider is a secure parcel safe and mailbox. If you’re taking steps to keep your home protected, why not ensure that your mail and packages will be secure as well? Also consider that gated entries pose problems for delivery drivers, so a secure parcel box makes receiving packages easier for everybody.

It may be difficult to find a parcel safe that matches perfectly with your gated entrance ideas, but Mailbox Sentinel has a solution. Our parcel safes are attractive and designed in a way that can be integrated into your gated entrance. These stainless steel and aluminum depositories allow your delivery person to leave your package inside using a code that you provide in the “Special Instructions” field when filling out your shipping information. You access the compartment via a door on the back of the box, so you don’t even have to leave your gated paradise to retrieve your mail or packages, and you can take comfort knowing they’re secure and not just left on your front doorstep or driveway to tempt thieves.

Mailbox Sentinel parcel safes also allow for integration with doorbell cameras from Ring, Nest, and other brands, so you can add even more security and peace of mind to your home’s gated entrance. The Mailbox Sentinel itself can be anchored into the ground, so you can rest assured that it’s not going anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of including Mailbox Sentinel in your gated entrance ideas is that they can be completely customized. Our standard models are classy and understated, but you can also work with us to design something that matches the vibe of your home, from shape to size to color, so you can make your entrance unlike anything out there.

So if you’re pondering gated entrance ideas, consider contacting Mailbox Sentinel for a mail and package solution that provides peace of mind, added security, and an aesthetic touch to any home. Have questions? Check out our FAQs page to learn more about our offerings.