MB Sentinel: A Peak Underneath the Hood of an Aspirational Company

MB Sentinel: A Peak Underneath the Hood of an Aspirational Company
If you asked people who I am, most would probably tell you that I’m the "mailbox guy." It is true that MB Sentinel is the world's most secure brand of combination mailbox and package delivery safe. But that isn’t, at our core, who we are. I started this business because, in 2016, I realized that my mail carrier had a difficult job at about the same time that I was considering starting a new business. Fast forward six years, and I’m an entrepreneur who is on the front lines of what has become a purpose-driven business.


To be sure, I never dreamed I’d be the "mailbox guy." I was a seasoned entrepreneur who was ready to do something big. The more that I dug into the package delivery safe business, the greater need I saw. People deserve to feel secure sending packages to their homes. Nobody wants to lose their latest Amazon find to porch piracy. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I dug into the data, I realized that millions of Americans relied on the mail to get life-saving prescription medication. It became clear that package delivery could, literally, be a matter of life and death.


Once I learned that the pieces fell in place, it was obvious that MB Sentinel was more than an idea. It was a calling. It allowed me to serve the public good. It allowed me to build a business with my son, from the ground up. And, if we were successful, it would allow me to give back to the community. Today, I’m incredibly proud to say that, in 2021, MB Sentinel sponsored our first St. Jude Dream Home, at the request of the builder. This year, we were approved to sponsor thirty more Dream Homes across the country!

Protecting your home and your property is so important. But, it’s the family inside your home who truly matter. That’s why we do what we do. We want every family to feel secure. We believe that every house should be a home --- a happy home, where a family’s health and well-being are put first.

The last six years have been a crazy ride! We’ve come so far from where we started. What began as a guy with an idea has become a family business, one in which I immerse myself, shoulder to shoulder with my son. Together, we have built the bones of a purpose-driven company. And, thanks to our customers, we have been able to live out our mission every day.

So, when somebody asks me to define MB Sentinel, I can only tell them that we’re a company based on aspiration. We aspire to help those less fortunate. We aspire to deliver American-made security that gives each and every customer peace of mind. We aspire to live our values and make family our highest priority. And, we aspire to treat our customers like the family we just haven’t yet met. I believe in our technology. I believe in our product. I believe in our mission. And I believe in our customers. With all that going for us, there’s simply no way that, with some time, the Box Gobbler won’t become a household name!