Protect Your Deliveries with a Drop Box for Packages

drop box for packages

If you've ever expected a large, valuable package to show up at your door, you know the anxiety of wanting to be able to collect it from FedEx, UPS, USPS, or Amazon as soon as it arrives for fear of it being stolen from your front step. It's a valid worry: 38% of respondents in a survey said they believed that packages had been stolen from their homes after they were delivered. As more people shop online, more opportunistic criminals have taken to poaching packages from people's front steps. There are many ways to combat parcel theft: security cameras, having your packages shipped to retail locations, making sure you're home on days when packages are due to arrive, or investing in a drop box for packages.

While all of these methods can prevent package theft, most involve extra time and effort on your part (going to a retail location to pick up your shipment), or aren't really foolproof (security cameras are a deterrent but won't necessarily prevent theft). The only sure-fire way to ensure that your packages will be waiting for you at home when you get there is a locking drop box designed specifically for packages. These drop boxes come in many forms, but the best ones are made of metal, can be anchored to a concrete pad, and are easy to use for both you and your package delivery person.


Size Matters:

A secure, locking drop box for packages is only useful if it can accommodate a wide range of parcel sizes. You'll want to make sure that your large, valuable items like laptops, power tools, or delicate glassware can fit comfortably inside. When shopping around for a drop box, keep this in mind—a larger drop box will serve you better than a smaller one.

If you're using a drop box for your business shipments, consider the size of the supplies you normally receive in the mail. Selecting a size that can fit the majority of your deliveries will help put your mind at ease every time you order something. A standard drop box from companies like MB Sentinel can fit parcels measuring 26 x 18 x 16 inches, accommodating a large variety of items in all shapes.


Go Custom:

If you have trouble finding a drop box for packages that suits your needs or preferences, companies such as MB Sentinel can custom-build a secure box that meets all of your functional and visual desires. You can have it sized according to the shipments you most often receive, add your business's logo, or even have it painted to match your front door. The possibilities are endless, and MB Sentinel can work with you to design a box that matches your home's architectural flair.


Consider Construction:

"Secure" should be more than just a buzzword—ensure that the drop box for packages you purchase is solidly built with metal construction and offers secure access. MB Sentinel boxes, for example, are made of stainless steel and aluminum and feature a digital keypad for delivery person access. Simply provide the unlock code on the second address line whenever you order something online, and it will be printed on the box. Regardless of which company delivers your package, you can rest assured that they'll be able to access the box. This electronic access feature also makes returning packages as simple as can be for both you and your delivery professional.

The MB Sentinel box also features a rear door for owner use and its own keypad with a separate code, if desired. These keypads can be powered with an electric line or solar power. A key override ensures that you can access your packages even when the power is out. Additionally, MB Sentinel boxes can be anchored into a concrete pad or built into a fence or wall around your home, ensuring that no one can remove it to gain unauthorized access to the contents elsewhere.



In an era where online shopping has become the norm, ensuring the safe delivery of your packages is of paramount importance. The rise in package theft has left many individuals feeling vulnerable and concerned about the security of their valuable shipments. While there are various measures you can take to protect your packages, such as utilizing security cameras or redirecting deliveries to retail locations, none provide the foolproof security offered by a dedicated drop box designed specifically for packages.

By investing in a locking drop box for packages, you can alleviate the anxiety associated with package theft. These drop boxes are not only convenient for you but also provide a secure and accessible solution for delivery personnel. With their sturdy metal construction, the boxes offer durability and peace of mind, ensuring that your packages remain safe until you retrieve them.

Furthermore, customization options provide an opportunity to tailor the drop box to your specific needs. Whether it's incorporating your business's logo or matching the box to your home's architectural style, customization allows you to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the drop box. Companies like MB Sentinel offer personalized design services, ensuring that your drop box becomes a seamless and visually appealing addition to your property.

The construction and security features of the drop box should not be overlooked. Opt for a box made of high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which provide durability and resistance to tampering. Features such as a digital keypad for delivery personnel access and a separate keypad for owner use add an extra layer of convenience and security. The ability to power the keypads using an electric line or solar power ensures functionality even during power outages.

In conclusion, while there are several strategies to safeguard your mail and packages, a dedicated drop box for packages stands out as the ultimate solution. With its robust construction, secure access, and customizability, the drop box offers an unparalleled level of security and convenience. Don't leave your valuable shipments vulnerable to theft—take a proactive step in protecting your packages by investing in a reliable and secure drop box designed specifically for packages.