Box For UPS Packages

Wall Mount Package Delivery Door

If you’ve ever expected a large, valuable package to show up at your door, you know the anxiety of wanting to be able to collect it from FedEx, UPS, USPS, or Amazon as soon as it arrives for fear of it being stolen from your front step. It’s a valid worry: 38% of respondents in a survey said they believed that packages had been stolen from their homes after they were delivered. As more people shop online, more opportunistic criminals have taken to poaching packages from people’s front steps. There are many ways to combat parcel theft: security cameras, having your packages shipped to retail locations, making sure you’re home on days when packages are due to arrive, or investing in a large package drop box.

While all of these methods can prevent package theft, most involve extra time and effort on your part (going to a retail location to pick up your shipment), or aren’t really fool-proof (security cameras are a deterrent but won’t necessarily prevent a theft). The only sure-fire way to ensure that your packages will be waiting for you at home when you get there, is a locking package drop box. These come in many forms, but the best ones are made of metal, can be anchored to a concrete pad, and are easy to use for both you and your package delivery person.

Size Matters

A secure, locking wall mount package drop is only useful if it will fit a wide range of parcel sizes. You’ll want to make sure that your fancy new laptop fits; or your new power drill; or your crystal glassware. Keep this in mind as you shop around for secure mailboxes—a large package drop box will serve you better than smaller one.

If you’re using a secure package box for your business shipments, consider the size of the supplies you normally receive in the mail and keep that in mind as you shop around. Some shipments will simply be too large for any practical drop box, but selecting a size that can fit the majority of your deliveries will help put your mind at ease every time you order something. A standard box from MailBox Sentinel will fit a parcel 26 x 18 x 16-inches, which accommodates a large variety of items in all shapes.

Because the access door to the MailBox Sentinel hinges at the bottom, it makes working with large packages much easier than doors that hinge from the side. The

Go Custom

If you have trouble finding a large package drop box that suits your needs or wants, companies such as MailBox Sentinel can custom-build a secure box that meets all of your functional and visual desires. Size it for the shipments you most often receive, add your business’s logo, have it painted to match your front door—your imagination is the limit. MailBox Sentinel can even work with you to design a box that matches your home’s architectural flair.

Consider Construction

“Secure” should be more than just a buzzword—ensure that the box you purchase is solidly-built with metal construction and secure access. MailBox Sentinel boxes are made of stainless steel and aluminum and feature a digital keypad for delivery person access—simply supply the unlock code in the “Special Instructions” section whenever you order something online. No matter what company delivers your package, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to access the box. This electronic access feature also makes returning packages as simple as can be for both you and your delivery professional.

The MailBox Sentinel box also features a rear door for owner use and its own keypad with a separate code, if desired. These keypads can be powered with an electric line or via solar power. A key override ensures that you can access your packages even when the power is out.

MailBox Sentinel boxes can also be anchored into a concrete pad or built into a fence or wall around your home so that no one can remove it to try to access the contents elsewhere.


There are many ways to try to keep your mail and parcels safe from would-be thieves, from camera systems to alternative delivery locations. But none offer the fail-safe security of a large package drop box that locks, anchors to the ground, and is made of metal. Don’t leave your expensive or even priceless items out in the open where anyone who’s bold enough can simply take your shipments from your home. Fight back against parcel thieves with your own secure mailbox.