Mailbox Sentinel - Combination Mail and Package Box

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This model is a full service package mailbox for home. It will receive and return letter mail just as a regular mailbox and also works as a parcel safe. A separate letter tray holds the mail above the packages and this letter tray is only accessible when the rear door is opened. Additionally for this model, a larger mail drawer is also available along with extra-large canvas mailbags for those periods that you're away and need more capacity for letter mail.


  • Can receive up to 26”x18”x16” packages (85% of all packages shipped) Interior cabinet light illuminates when either door is opened
  • Letter slot chutes mail to a separate drawer located above the parcel compartment that is only accessible from the rear
  • Keypad controller secures the front door and works well for multiple deliveries
  • Patented finger bottom design offers easy delivery and retrieval access by lifting the heaviest packages up and out when either door is opened
  • Has a separate outbound letter compartment
  • Solar power options available

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