The Texas Porch Pirate Law and the Rise of Theft-Proof Mailboxes

theft proof mailbox for packages

The advent of online shopping has undoubtedly revolutionized the retail landscape, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to consumers. However, this convenience has inadvertently given rise to a concerning trend known as porch piracy, wherein criminals brazenly steal packages from residential doorsteps. Recognizing the gravity of this issue, the state of Texas has taken a momentous step forward by passing House Bill 37, commonly referred to as the Texas Porch Pirate Law. This groundbreaking legislation aims to protect residents from porch pirates and solidify the state's commitment to fostering safer communities. Moreover, with the rise of theft-proof mailboxes, a complementary solution is emerging to fortify package security and safeguard deliveries. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the key provisions of HB 37, its potential impact on the community, and how the integration of theft-proof mailboxes can further enhance package protection.

Understanding HB 37: The Texas Porch Pirate Law

Addressing this growing problem, Texas took a significant step by passing House Bill 37, commonly known as the Texas Porch Pirate Law. This groundbreaking legislation aims to protect residents from porch pirates and reinforce the state's commitment to ensuring safer neighborhoods for its citizens. In this blog, we will explore the key provisions and implications of HB 37, as well as its potential impact on the community

  • Criminalizing Porch Piracy: At the core of HB 37 lies the pivotal measure of making porch piracy a criminal offense. By doing so, law enforcement is empowered with the necessary tools to prosecute individuals caught stealing packages from front porches. The bill establishes specific penalties and sentencing guidelines that take into account the value of the stolen goods and the perpetrator's criminal history, ensuring that justice is appropriately served.
  • Prevention Through Public Awareness: The Texas Porch Pirate Law places significant emphasis on community education to prevent porch piracy. Law enforcement agencies and community organizations collaborate to raise awareness about this escalating issue and educate residents on effective preventive measures. By promoting a sense of shared responsibility, the law encourages neighborhoods to work together in fortifying their defenses against this modern-day crime.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: The legislation actively encourages cooperation between law enforcement agencies and online retailers. These collaborative partnerships prove instrumental in promptly reporting package thefts, thereby aiding in identifying suspects and efficiently recovering stolen goods. By fostering seamless communication between stakeholders, HB 37 strengthens the collective response against porch piracy.
  • Empowering Residents: HB 37 goes beyond penalizing porch pirates by empowering residents to take proactive actions against this threat. The law advocates for the adoption of secure package delivery options, such as requiring signatures for deliveries, utilizing lockboxes, or designating secure delivery locations. By actively participating in securing their deliveries, residents become instrumental in mitigating the risk of package theft.
  • Package Theft Prevention Measures: The new law encourages residents to take proactive measures to prevent porch piracy. It emphasizes the importance of secure package delivery options, such as requiring signatures for deliveries, using a theft proof mailbox for packages, or designating secure delivery locations.
  • Cooperation with Online Retailers: The bill seeks to establish partnerships between law enforcement agencies and online retailers to combat porch piracy more effectively. This collaboration will enable timely reporting of package thefts and streamline the process of identifying suspects and recovering stolen goods.

The Role of a Theft-Proof Mailbox for Packages

While HB 37 constitutes a crucial step in curbing porch piracy, the integration of a theft proof mailbox for packages offers an additional layer of protection for package deliveries. These specialized mailboxes are meticulously designed with state-of-the-art security features, ensuring that packages are impervious to theft. This model is not just your ordinary mailbox; it seamlessly handles letter mail while doubling up as a reliable parcel safe. Here's how this cutting-edge mailbox ensures the utmost security and convenience for your delivered items:

  • Dual Functionality: This theft proof mailbox for packages has a dual purpose, serving as both a standard mailbox for letter mail and a secure compartment for packages. It seamlessly manages incoming and outgoing mail, making it a comprehensive solution for all your delivery needs.
  • Segregated Storage: The model ingeniously separates letter mail and packages to enhance security. A distinct letter tray holds mail above the packages, and access to this tray is only granted when the rear door is opened. This compartmentalization ensures that your important letters and sensitive information remain private and secure.
  • Keypad Controlled Access: The front door of the mailbox is secured with a state-of-the-art keypad controller. This cutting-edge feature not only provides an added layer of security but also works effectively for multiple deliveries. Delivery personnel can use unique codes to safely deposit packages, ensuring they remain secure until retrieved.
  • Patented Finger Bottom Design: Designed with utmost practicality in mind, this theft proof mailbox for packages features a patented finger bottom design. This thoughtful inclusion facilitates effortless delivery and retrieval access. When either door is opened, the heaviest packages are effortlessly lifted up and out, simplifying the process for both delivery personnel and homeowners.
  • Spacious Parcel Compartment: The mailbox boasts a generously sized parcel compartment, capable of accommodating packages up to 26”x18”x16” in dimensions. This capacity covers approximately 85% of all packages shipped, providing ample room for a wide variety of deliveries.
  • Interior Cabinet Light: To further enhance accessibility, the mailbox is equipped with an interior cabinet light. This light automatically illuminates when either door is opened, ensuring clear visibility even during nighttime package retrievals.
  • Outbound Letter Compartment: The mailbox's efficiency extends beyond incoming mail; it also features a separate outbound letter compartment. This compartment simplifies the process of sending mail, streamlining your overall postal experience.
  • Solar Power Options: Embracing eco-friendly initiatives, this mailbox offers solar power options. By harnessing the power of the sun, it ensures sustainable energy usage while maintaining optimum functionality.


The Texas Porch Pirate Law, HB 37, marks a pivotal milestone in safeguarding communities against the escalating threat of porch piracy. By criminalizing package theft and promoting preventive measures, the legislation empowers both residents and law enforcement to combat this growing concern effectively. Moreover, the emergence of the theft proof mailbox for packages presents an innovative and practical approach to fortify package security, reducing the vulnerability of deliveries to opportunistic thieves.

Through a collaborative effort among residents, law enforcement, and online retailers, Texas can create a safer environment where package deliveries are fortified and protected. Embracing the convenience of online shopping should not come at the cost of insecurity. Together, HB 37 and a theft proof mailbox for packages pave the way for a stronger, more secure future for Texas communities, fostering trust and confidence in the digital era of retail.